Sunday, June 05, 2005


Sorry Guys

Sorry for no articles, but the kind of stuff that appears in the saybox here isn't likely to make me want to post anything at all. Must admit that since the site went some weeks back, I've been a little reluctant to put stuff up. If you get idiots like the pastry man posting unpleasant stuff it's bound to make people less interested and the only way I thought of stopping that nonsense was taking the site down and starting from scratch. Trouble is all my enthusiasm has gone and now there are many other sites like this on the blogger, including Chris England and the iloveradio one that stole my format. Well no hard feelings there folks, I hope you don't get trouble from idiots.

So I might post again, or I might leave it at that. Not sure at the moment, but I thought I'd better post something to explain why things went tits up for a while.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Radio Critic is back

Watch this space for more !

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